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Nature Talks Photo Contest 2016


Image Information - Honor Gallery

Contest Stage: Finalist

Category: C2 - Mammals


The Dash to Water


During the winter months when water and food is scarce, elephants can travel large distances away from permanent water in order to find sufficient food, however due to their dependence and need to drink water daily they make the long journey back to water, often running the last hundred yards or so out of excitement and driven by their thirst. I wanted to capture this final dash to the water in a way that would portray their urgency and desperation to quench their thirst, after sitting at a waterhole for sometime and seeing multiple herds arrive from all directions, i finally managed this image of a herd passing right by me.


ISO: 200
Aperture: f/4
Speed shooting: 1/10
Focal range(mm): 220mm


Comments from the Jury