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Nature Talks Photo Contest 2016


Report File

The wild coast

Iceland has one of the wildest coastlines in Europe, with dramatic cliffs and stacks of basalt rocks, extensive sand beaches (with both black and yellow sand), a rough climate with frequent storms and a lot of precipitation, a wild ocean with often big waves and an extensive birdlife. In this portfolio I wanted to pay a tribute to this wonderful wild coast, that I have been visiting for many years and that never stops to surprise and inspire me.

The wild coast (1): the raging ocean

The Atlantic ocean can be very powerful at the beaches in the South of Iceland, especially aroundf the town of Vik. During a winter storm I was able to observe and photograph the big waves from a small beach at Dyrholey. They were beatifully lit from behind by the sun and the patterns and structures that were formed by the tide and the hard wind were just mesmerizing.

Theo Bosboom


ISO: 640
Aperture: f/8
Speed shooting: 1/6400
Focal range(mm): 400mm