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Nature Talks Photo Contest 2016


Reports Gallery

C11 - Fred Hazelhoff Award

All the picture was take The photo was taken in Castelluccio, in middle of italy (https://www.google.it/maps/@42.8278682,13.2045142,15.76z) a plateau 1400 meters above sea level, that for about a week a year, in July is colored with its flowers. The blossom is an ephemeral phenomenon spectacular where flowers of different colors overrun in whole plateau. First start with yellow flower, after red and finally remain only the blue flowers, the cornflowers. All the flowers are wild, growing on lentil plantations. Somtime, in early morning there is a big layer of fog over the meadow, with the sunrise start to lift and a fogbow appared, only for few minutes. It 'a very rare phenomenon.

Roberto Marchegiani

sacrifice perfection for emotion

Henri van Vliet